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Choose Your Akashic Reading

Every Akashic Records Reading I give is intensely personal because it is a reading of your Soul’s existence throughout time. The Records are immensely vast. For this reason, I want to make sure I retrieve the information that has the most resonance and meaning for you. I’ll do my best to provide personalized attention given with the utmost kindness regarding the questions that mean the most to you.

Please email me to let me know you’d like a free brief consultation in order to choose the reading that is best for you based on your specific needs. We’ll set up a time to speak via video chat or phone that fits our mutual schedules. On that call, we will discuss which area of life is of most concern to you presently, and I’ll help you determine which specific reading is most needed. You may reach me at;

Akashic Records Energetic Blocks to Business Reading

Akashic Records Primary Life Lessons Reading

Akashic Records Karmic Life Situation Reading

Akashic Records Past Life Reading

Akashic Records Livelihood Reading

Akashic Records Soulmate Reading

Akashic Records Healing Reading For Two

I appreciate you and I am honored to be of service to you! God bless you!

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