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“Deana, thank you SOOOO much for your reading. You have taught me so much about myself. It makes me smile to think of all the things I learned about myself. Many of those things I already knew, somehow, deep in me, but you put these into clarity with detail -It’s like looking through perfect seeing glasses after I had a blurry vision for a long time. I was thinking a lot about what I can do now with this new information, and then I realized, It’s already impacting me, It makes me embrace myself so much more. You showed me the roots that explain how I am, I can now accept myself. And I feel very good. I started the prayers you gave me yesterday evening. I also told a friend about it and he is very interested in getting a reading for himself.” 

~R.A. Fisher  



“I am grateful for the reading Deana gave me (on 01/23/19). She helped me to see what my basic Soul character is. She told me things about my past that I can see are with me today. I am more clear about where I need to heal and feel blessed that will happen. Her ability to see through the veils with her precious heart is truly a gift. Thank you.”

~Scarlett Manning



“The Akashic work done by Deana touched me on a deep rooted emotional issue that I had not been able to release before her reading. I am grateful for Deana’s wisdom, kindness and spiritual support.”

~Michele Mayer



“My Akashic reading Deana did was spot on as it concerns me today. Thank you! It definitely resonates to be true.”

~Debbie Esser-Swanson



“I feel fantastic and we all feel peace when we are done with the prayers. Thank you so much for the prayers, Dear. It really works. I can feel that. I love you. You are a gift to us. A special God sent gift.”

~ Priya Nyamtabad



It was amazing to know the hidden truths and facts about my life. After getting my reading done, I could relate to each and every word attached to my body and soul. This reading helped me know myself better. It also answered many unanswered questions I had. Deana has amazed me by her work. She has been a great person in terms of healing. Her work is very professional and accurate. She has brought a great vision in my life by showing me my true identity. Thank you!

~ Rahul Panchakshri



Deana is dedicated, professional and focused. She honors her commitment to her clients and serves them well. She brings peace and satisfaction to many.

~ Phyllis Alexander

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