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“This reading resonated because you hit the nail on the head by saying I hate drama. This is true. I will do anything to avoid it. I used to people please to avoid drama and conflict but I have gotten better about it. This reading was 95% accurate.” ~ Rachael Zen



“Wow!! Most definitely nailed it. Very insightful in helping me “see” myself. The intensity of what you revealed has lessened somewhat with maturity & circumstance, but the essence remains. Very well done, Grasshopper.   I admire your commitment to your endeavors & loving willingness to include others in that journey. Very impressive. Sincere best wishes.”

~Drue Van Clief



“Thank you for the reading. As you already know, I’m quite skeptical when it comes to things of this nature (& no I wasn’t rolling on the floor about the Sacred Goddess thing, but it did garner a big fat smile). My 1st Energy Center was so right on, it was almost scary. Described me perfectly. Very insightful. The 2nd was interesting as I saw more of my Dad while I was reading it, but again was very descriptive to certain aspects of my life, especially the cautionary wording. I would like to thank you immensely for your time & special abilities regarding my reading. I do believe you “nailed it”. Love to you. kiddo.”

~Leslye Erickson



“Thank you so much for the reading. Yes , this very much resonated with me. I love to learn and study new things and in turn share with others to maybe help them on their own path.”

~Pamela Dean Brewer



“OK! So, you figured me out! Great job!”

~Kevin Shirley



“Deana’s enthusiasm and love for giving people meaningful and helpful readings is inspiring. Deana intuitively tells it how it is and won’t sugarcoat any details in the name of truth. She gives clarity and informed insight to your traits, strengths and weaknesses which can provide an invaluable tool for how to best move forward and also to better understand why and what has been so far in your life. She’s friendly, clear and approachable and I’d recommend Deana to anyone whose interested.”

~Jonathan Crow



“Totally resonates!! Gives me a lot to ponder! I could definitely recognize myself! Thank you!

~Bonnie Mancini



“Deana, thank you SOOOO much for your reading. You have taught me so much about myself. It makes me smile to think of all the things I learned about myself. Many of those things I already knew, somehow, deep in me, but you put these into clarity with detail -It’s like looking through perfect seeing glasses after I had a blurry vision for a long time. I was thinking a lot about what I can do now with this new information, and then I realized, It’s already impacting me, It makes me embrace myself so much more. You showed me the roots that explain how I am, I can now accept myself. And I feel very good. I started the prayers you gave me yesterday evening. I also told a friend about it and he is very interested in getting a reading for himself.” 

~R.A. Fisher  



“I am grateful for the reading Deana gave me (on 01/23/19). She helped me to see what my basic Soul character is. She told me things about my past that I can see are with me today. I am more clear about where I need to heal and feel blessed that will happen. Her ability to see through the veils with her precious heart is truly a gift. Thank you.”

~Scarlett Manning



“The Akashic work done by Deana touched me on a deep rooted emotional issue that I had not been able to release before her reading. I am grateful for Deana’s wisdom, kindness and spiritual support.”

~Michele Mayer



“My Akashic reading Deana did was spot on as it concerns me today. Thank you! It definitely resonates to be true.”

~Debbie Esser-Swanson



“I feel fantastic and we all feel peace when we are done with the prayers. Thank you so much for the prayers, Dear. It really works. I can feel that. I love you. You are a gift to us. A special God sent gift.”

~ Priya Nyamtabad



It was amazing to know the hidden truths and facts about my life. After getting my reading done, I could relate to each and every word attached to my body and soul. This reading helped me know myself better. It also answered many unanswered questions I had. Deana has amazed me by her work. She has been a great person in terms of healing. Her work is very professional and accurate. She has brought a great vision in my life by showing me my true identity. Thank you!

~ Rahul Panchakshri



Deana is dedicated, professional and focused. She honors her commitment to her clients and serves them well. She brings peace and satisfaction to many.

~ Phyllis Alexander

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