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About Me

Thank you so much for visiting my site. My name is Deana DeHaven. I am a left handed empath and intuitive with a blue and green aura and 7 of 8 clair senses developed. My primary spiritual senses are clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience but I receive information through all my senses, except taste. I also have Cherokee and Comanche ancestry, I have Eastern Band Cherokee blood on my maternal side, Comanche on my paternal side.

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always been interested in knowing more about the invisible world. I bought my first deck of tarot cards at 16 yrs old. I’ve always known there is more to life than just what we see. The only thing that separates me from anyone else is the fact that I believe soul wisdom is accessible to everyone. I know that becoming an intuitive or medium is simply learning to develop tools we all possess.

When I was a little girl, I remember looking around and feeling very different. It seemed to me that people were sleep walking, and what was obvious to me was oblivious to them. I went to school and my heart went out to the underdogs. I couldn’t understand why people were sometimes so mean, or how they could see any merit or value in being unkind to others. Later, after I began to work as an intuitive, I discovered I have served Great Creator for 30 lifetimes.

Sometimes to understand where someone is going, it’s important to know where they’ve been. Our experiences form our lives and we most times filter our perceptions, actions and beliefs through them.

Every hardship is an opportunity for growth. Learning to adapt and grow in spite of adversity can be a catalyst for achievement. In fact, there is a Divine plan at work within our obstacles. If we look closely at our difficulties we see that the advancement of our spiritual development resides in our mastery of those very issues. Every oppression we’ve ever suffered can be harnessed for wholeness. In fact, our sorrows were chosen to appear in our lives for that very reason.

I believe we choose our individual hardships with God before incarnating into physical bodies in order to attain the lessons needed to advance the evolutionary process of our Souls. The Divine Law of Free Will doesn’t just govern our current incarnations. It is all encompassing, spanning our Souls’ entire existences. It doesn’t change from one lifetime to the next. We are given choice at all times.

So, here is a little of my story.

On my paternal side, my Great Great Great Grandmother was Comanche, having married a white man. My Aunt did our family tree long before came along. Back then you had to actually go to the courthouses to peruse the records. She sent me a copy and I learned that my Great Great Grandfather was one of the original fourteen Texas Rangers. His mother was Comanche.

My father was not much a part of my life until I was 15 years old, having remarried to raise a son with his new wife, with the exception of visits every few years during which he and my Mother would fight over access to us.

I, along with my twin brother, was raised by a single mother in N.C. who worked 14 hour days. She was incredibly gifted creatively and made her living as a clay artist and teacher. My twin and I raised ourselves, under the watchful eye of my Grandmother the next town over. My mother had a beautiful wild heart that had been twisted by the abuse suffered as a child at the hands of her father. It didn’t help that her own Mother secretly blamed her for the abuse.

As a result, she flew into rages, thought her children should nurture her, and was incredibly manipulative and cunning. She was contradictory in her nature, either inventing grand gestures or icy demeanor, There was no rhyme or reason. Talking about her feelings was definitely not her forte.  It felt like living inside a time bomb, the landscape littered with broken hearts, peppered with calculated carelessness.

In my early twenties, I spent seven consecutive years in therapy simply putting together the puzzle pieces of my broken family. One day I had an epiphany and told my therapist, “I think they were just doing the best they knew how to do.” She looked at me and replied, “Congratulations! You just grew up.”

I began therapy because I knew normalcy had to exist. I just needed to figure out where and how to create it. During one session, my therapist asked me, “What’s normal?” You see, a good therapist guides you by asking questions so that you are forced to think and determine your own truths.

For me, normal means having healthy boundaries and honest communication. It means respecting each other even when you disagree, and having the courage to speak up when you need to share your truth with those you Love. It means doing our best to hear each other when we find the spunk to speak up. Normal means aspiring to grow, and Loving each other every step of the way in the process. And mostly it means mastering the art of forgiveness so that we all continue to grow together.

As the years have gone on, I’ve come to realize that I have high standards. Not everyone’s idea of normal is the same. But, I also look around at the wars and carnage, the murders and rapes, the brutalized children, and it is obvious. Higher standards are needed for humanity.

Everything in this material world is a neutral tool. We choose what it will be with our intention. We live in a vast world of every imaginable variation, both good and bad. What people value and aspire to is a very varied spectrum. . This diversity actually provides a fertile incubator for growth. None of us would learn anything new if we were all the same.

One of the horrors of my childhood was watching my twin brother being twisted by my Mother’s rages and demands. It was exactly as her father had done to her. History repeats itself as the children are raised and rendered if we don’t process and choose differently. This is what is meant by the biblical references to the sons bearing the sins of the fathers.

Luckily for me, I fell under the protection of my Grandmother. I like to say she saved me. You didn’t mess with her. I never saw my mother outwardly afraid of anyone, but she did not cross her Mother. It was established very early on that to harm me would create repercussions. This is not to say I didn’t suffer. But it was nothing compared to what my brother went through. My biggest heartache resided in watching him so greatly harmed and utilized for selfish aims and being helpless to stop it.

Perhaps this aspect of my childhood created my Love for helpless children everywhere, and especially poverty stricken Native children. No child should suffer at the hands of an adult.  That compassion is very much a driving force within my life. As a result, Christmas is a very special time for me when I like to go buy all the shoes I can and take them to the reservation for the children. Every child should have shoes. That is the least we can and should give them.

None of this makes me special in any way. I believe that I am simply someone who chose to know these things now. We are all meant to know them, each and every one of us. The gift of free will means we choose when to strive for higher ground. And in the meantime, choice and consequence is there to guide us back onto our path when we get off course.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, the essence of God, Great Creator Himself. As God’s children, our eventuality is just as Lovely as we might imagine. We get to choose when we bloom into beauty. If I could pose one question to humanity, it would be this: Why wait? Now, as our earth is destroyed and we suffer the consequences of floods, fires and earthquakes, one thing is very apparent to me: We have no more time to waste.

People sometimes forget how our hearts gladden and lift with joy and hopefulness when we do kindnesses for each other. The fact that we are lifted by Love is because we are His Children, made in God’s image. Underneath it all, humans were made to Love. As we do, we ascend our Souls, becoming more enlightened and whole. As we heal individually, we also heal collectively. When humans understand that to punch a million little holes into the fabric of life with selfish agendas means we all wear tatters, we are ready to step into our power. It begins one by one.

Notice the root word within enlightened: Light. Therefore, let us have eyes to see through the darkness. Let us have hearts that embrace the Light, our sacredness. Let us seek Love in every instance. Light is the actual physical embodiment of Love on this planet. This is what is meant by the biblical passage: Let there be Light. It means let there be Love. As we choose Love, don’t our eyes Light up with it? See someone embody Love and you see them glow.

I am simply someone who has spent many years seeking answers. You see, I figured out a long time ago that this world is not random, things happen consistently as a result of intention and action based on that intention. And so I set out to learn the Divine Laws that govern us.

What I have found is absolutely beautiful. You see, God IS constant. We humans can change our minds a million times, but Divine Law is not changeable. The fact that this is true sets this harsh world up to be conquerable. Because of this constancy, as we learn and grow, we master our lessons. As we master those lessons, we begin to ascend into the Light.

I like to say that we are God’s butterflies, this earth is our cocoon, and we are here to earn our wings. I’m here to help you bloom into the most beautiful butterfly imaginable so that you can fly the sky.

Thank you so much for your time and attention here. I appreciate you, each and every one of you. God bless you!