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A Medium’s Musings / Blog

Written By: Deana DeHaven

Writing is one of my greatest passions. From the time I was a young girl, I would carry around books and my journal, squirreling away knowledge, pondering it all, and writing my thoughts. Words in an endless trail snaking across the paper have always been utterly magical for me. Truth is there in black and white right in front of me, irrefutable in some way. It has always been a way to make sense of the madness of the world, It creates a method of piecing it all together, a jigsaw puzzle that forms a cohesion of imagery and form the deeper I go down the rabbit hole.

After taking a corporate test to determine my learning style, I discovered I am 98% visual in my processing. So now I know why seeing the words form upon the literal page allows me to cohesively gather my thoughts. I see my ideas being born. It gives me great satisfaction in a way that lights me up in such a Lovely fashion.

Then, I didn’t write diligently for a long time. It meant too much. I couldn’t bear to be bad at it. After too long a time of numbness while slogging through life, I learned that every master is beastly in the beginning. Having the courage to be awful at something is how you get good. Try, try again. And don’t you ever stop. 

Electronic mediums afford us a lighter load these days. But, I still love tangible paper and ink. The weightiness of a good book and the crisp slice of pages turning is tangible to me in a very satisfying way.

One day our books will be our most treasured relics. Aldous Huxley was right after all, way back in 1932. Our Brave New World may be as atrocious as he imagined. I certainly hope not. But, as time passes and servers crash and political worlds collide, I am preparing by building a tangible library of good old fashioned books, just in case.

When I was in my teens, I had a dream that one day someone would happen upon something I’d written and be touched and transformed. Just that one person, that solitary soul,  finding solace would mean a life well lived for me. So here I am typing away. Journal entries become blog posts and blog posts will become books.

The topics that intrigue me the most are the mysteries of the Universe, discovering the constancy of Divine Law and how to apply the natural order of things to our own existence. To quote Marianne Williamson, “I just want to make something beautiful for God.” And so it is with me. That yearning  compels me to seek and discover, delving into the Akashic Records and the Spirit Wisdoms of the world. 

I hope you find something of value in what I write. It is my sincerest hope that something within it sparks your curiosity, intriguing you about something you are already interested in, thereby encouraging you to dig a little deeper.  May it start a small fire burning that you feed with stolen moments until it ignites into a passion all of your own. Nothing would be bring me more joy.

That is where the coolness resides after all, within that magical place where ideas meet and we humans impact each other in positive ways. As I like to say, God speaks to us through us.

Welcome to my blog.

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