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Types of Akashic Records Readings I Offer

Each reading I do includes a detailed reading of the client’s record. Based on what I find within the client record, I provide specified energy clearing and healing prayer work to each client if my findings warrant a need for it. I share my findings with each client during a confidential conversation via Zoom. I’ll answer your questions as well as additional ones that may come up and provide a comprehensive overview.

Please feel free to choose your reading below and email me at: (Please note the double EE in thee.)

Akashic Records Past Life Reading

Have you ever had a sense of knowing about someone you just met? Would it surprise you to know you’ve lived many lifetimes? Have you ever felt familiarity with a food or culture or music that you just discovered? Most of us have. This is because souls reincarnate many times as they seek their eternal wisdom.

Even if you have pondered it, you probably weren’t aware that you could access this information. You can. If you would like to know the details of your past incarnations, and how they affect your life today, this reading will answer your questions. Souls tend to reincarnate together over and over again. This is because they have agreed to do Soul Growth together.

As a reader of The Akashic Records, what I know is that some lifetimes impact a soul greatly. When you order this reading, I focus on the specifics of the 3 lifetimes that have influenced your soul’s growth the most, and why. You’ll be given not only your time periods, but whether you were male or female, your choices within that lifetime, and the unfinished business still left to be resolved. I’ll ask the Akashic Guides to clear the issues.  You’ll also be given prayer work to clear this karma so that you can move forward to your highest path and purpose within this lifetime. And you’ll know how many incarnations you’ve lived.

The great thing about this work is that it will resonate with you. In other words, there will be a clicking together of the random pieces within your psyche. You’ll take away from the reading the knowledge of why you are the way you are. The self discovery is remarkable.

Akashic Records Soulmate Reading

While every relationship has its ups and downs, some have more than others. The remarkable thing about human existence is this: We create karma with other souls only while in physical bodies. This means that unfinished business will resurface until resolved within future lifetimes. Souls that have karma together tend to reincarnate together. After all, we don’t create karma with things. We create karma with others.

If you have particular issues that keep reoccurring in your life, I’ll be able to read your record and tell you what transpired then, and what issues still linger. When we are done, you’ll find that your relationships are lighter, easier and more full of love and acceptance. If by chance you are sharing your life with someone who is just not right for you, the records will tell us that, too. This reading will answer many questions for you regarding your relationships.

So many people are still seeking their soulmates. What many don’t realize is that you manifest this in your life by changing yourself. In other words, you remove your own blocks to love’s presence. And when you’ve done your part, love appears. This reading focuses on identifying your blocks and specific techniques to remove them.

Everyone deserves unconditional love. This reading will resonate with you and help you remove the blocks keeping you from having the sustaining relationships you deserve. And as always, it will reveal truths you have suspected all along.

Akashic Records Livelihood Reading

The New York Times has reported that the average person can expect to have 10.5 jobs between the ages of 18 and 40. Only 28% of Americans expect to have lifelong careers. In an environment of constant change, it is important to choose wisely. This reading will help you determine what gives you joy and follow that path.

If you are working a job that is unsatisfying, you know that it drains your vitality and leaves you depressed and unhappy about the future. Did you know that work is supposed to be fun? Well, when you are following your heart and doing what you love, work is full of joy.

I want you to know what moves you and have the courage to being implementing steps that take you to where you deserve to be: fulfilled, confident, and at peace, eager to seize the day.

I’ll share all of the soul specific knowledge with you the records hold, ask the Akashic Guides to do a clearing for you so that you no longer feel held back and afraid to fly. You’ll be given prayer work to remove any blocks from past lives that are standing in your way.

You’ll walk away from this reading with a clear knowing of what you were created to accomplish, begin crafting a game plan to get you there, and more self knowledge than you had before.

Akashic Records Healing Reading For Two

This Akashic Reading is for two people who Love each other deeply but just can’t seem to communicate effectively and get along well. Nothing is more heartbreaking than to Love someone so much and yet watch it all fall apart right in front of your eyes.

This is the most in depth Akashic Reading I do because I focus equally on you both. This means you’ll need to submit client information for you both when ordering this reading. Thereafter, I’ll do a reading for you both and explain what makes each of you tick and what you value and why. I will also give you specific strategy for better communication, based on your soul records. And ask the Akashic Guides to provide healing for you both.

When we are done, you will feel free to express your Love for each other in a way that feels safe and nurturing for you both. You’ll also have the opportunity to do prayer and healing work together in a way that brings you closer than ever before.