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Becoming an Intuitive Healer

You’ll know if you are destined to become an intuitive healer.  Your heart will expand with hopeful possibility at the thought of it. You’ll experience an unshakable desire to know, to go beyond what mere mortals consider normal existence. It’s likely that you have already begun, soaking up esoteric knowledge like a sponge in an endless quest.

That’s how it has been for me.

Divine Providence has consistently put my teachers in my path. This is because whatever we seek, we find. This is one of God’s greatest gifts to us and inherent within it is our self actualization and growth.

When Great Creator began to bring my teachers to my awareness, I was still stumbling in the dark a bit. But, I was ready because I had begun to seek in earnest. I signed up for my first webinar because I felt an internal prod. Then, when it was time to log on, I felt that same nudging. I started to turn it off early on, and again the voice inside said, “Don’t”.

By the end, I knew I had happened onto a tool that unequivocally, once and for, answers all of my questions about existence. And I intuitively knew the Akashic Records were going to change my life.

Imagine having a tool that gives you an answer to every question and problem in life that you have. And imagine that it is always accurate, consistent and easily accessible. That’s what the Akashic Records ARE. They are the energetic record of every Soul in existence. 

The Akashic Records continue to deepen my understanding of the human condition and the beauty and wisdom that is our as yet unrealized Soul truth and potential with every reading I give. Life is a journey, after all. However, the wonderful surprise has been that I am ascending as I delve in. That is such an unexpected bonus. And I am helping heal hurts that run so deep for my clients.

Since I’ve learned to read the Akashic Records, I have gone on to utilize other tools of divination and learning, studying clairvoyance and remote viewing, precognition, spirit communication, magical applications, etc.

The other day I ran across a term that sparked a fire within me: Gnosis. It was something my intuition told me was important. Sure enough, it detailed an idea for a book I have had for the last few years while absorbing knowledge.

Gnosis is the term used to define Spirit Wisdom gathered through the entire human span of existence. It encompasses the first five books of the Bible, known as the Gnostic Gospels,  the Hermeticism of Greece and Egypt, Ancient Judaism and The Kabbalah, etc.

I had intuitively known for a long time that outer customs, ritual, dogma, and geography don’t change the internal message. Universal Law is Divine Law, and it constancy is our great comfort. All over the world the message is the same. Love one another. Therein lies the way of peace.

We are all God’s Holy Children and God speaks to us all equally, regardless of geography or economics or any other material aspects. Our task is simply to have ears to hear and then to listen with open hearts. When the heart is open, the ego is silent.

Gnosis is also the term used to describe the deep connection with the Holy Spirit that transcends our illusion of separation and connects us to everyone and everything in such a way that ego constructs like hate and resentment simply don’t exist.

Gnosis is a deep dive into the Divine, both in theory and application. It is a kindred kinship with All of All, God Himself. That infinite Love people describe in near death experiences sums it up. Except nowadays, we don’t have to die to experience it. Welcome to the new world!

I am an intuitive. But I also Love to approach everything in a logical manner. Being a sensible Soul, I need that to be able to fully sink my teeth into it. It’s rare to find such logic in esoteric realms. And yet, Quantum Physics is cracking it wide open. This logic will become the norm as we advance technologically and spiritually into the new age.

The beauty of this work is that everything God implements is balanced. Delving into the energetic upper realms of the ether means I also absorb knowledge simply by figuratively being in the room.

All  parties are given understanding and an increase of spiritual knowledge that contains such expansive hopefulness. That buoyant  joyful growth for all is what makes me tick.

I’m willing to bet it makes you tick, too. And I’m glad you’re here.

© Copywrite 2019, The Conscious Clairvoyant