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Embody to Become

Forget organized religion, used by man since the beginning of time to enslave the masses. Simply choose to embody goodness, both in thought and deed, to gather yourself close to God.

As we seek to embody, we become. Whatever we choose is what we will be. The inherent goodness that resides within the human heart IS God. And it is expressed in the choosing to think and act out Love. Our ability to Love is what makes us Divine.

Lately, the term that has been coming to mind is “the all in all”, which is the totality of creation. This term encompasses the magnitude and magnificence of Great Creator.

The polarities within the human condition are simply necessary in order to give us the opportunity to CHOOSE. In doing so, we reap the rewards or pain of our choices, learning in the process.

A Lovely consideration is this: Even in our darkest hour, when we’ve chosen unwisely, Great Creator provides the gift of learning and within it, redemption. For me, that redemption is evidence of the greatest Love for us we could imagine. We are never forsaken, never abandoned.

The constancy of Divine Law is found within the fact that all throughout the history of man, sages have found the same truths to be evident. It was even written into the Constitution at the formation of this country.

This constancy is the thread that we follow to find our way to home to each other. We realize we are all in the same boat and this fact makes it obvious that we are all parts of the whole. Here to help each other. Here to grow together.

That common thread is actually part of a glorious tapestry, vibrant with color with gorgeous complexity woven into its design. When we stand right up close to it, we can only see the individual threads. But when we step back, with meditation, prayer and ritual, we begin to discern the grand design.

May we all learn to stand humbly in our power as Great Creator intended in our creation. God is the grand magician, an alchemist of the highest order, turning our base metals into gold. We just have to have the courage to speak our wisdom, to stand in the Light of truth, and harness our power in the process. After all of the superficial aspects, the truth remains consistently the same for all of us, embedded in our hearts by a benevolent Maker.

Love is the essence of creation. Love is our power.

© Copywrite 2019, The Conscious Clairvoyant

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