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Quality of Life and Magnetic Resonance

The innate nature of our Universe is magnetic. That old adage “birds of a feather flock together” doesn’t just apply to people. It applies to everything. This is because of the magnetic nature of energy.

Thought is mental energy. It is fueled by emotional energy. What this means is your thoughts are sustained and nourished by your emotions. If you’re ever confused, stop thinking for a moment and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Feelings don’t lie. Abraham classified emotions as your “emotional guidance system” for this reason.

Even negative emotion has a useful purpose. It’s given to you to show you that a course correction is needed, something being done doesn’t feel good. It’s when we don’t listen to our feelings and act accordingly to correct the underlying issues that illness occurs.

To explain what I mean by the energetic nature of thought, when you think something more thoughts about that subject will be drawn to you.

In the material world, we call this thinking or brainstorming, without too much more thought about it. It is just accepted that this is our brain doing what it does.

On an energetic level, it goes much deeper. Not only is the result influenced by the emotional nature and intention of the energy that created it, but there is a momentum and velocity that occurs with repetition. I like to call this energetic resonance.

What this means is simply this: The more you think about a specific subject, the more you will continue to think about that particular topic. Similar thoughts are being drawn to you by the energetic vibration that thought emits. The emotion behind it, how you feel about the issue, provides the fuel, in much the way that gasoline powers a car or electricity powers your oven.

What is even more important is how you think about it, negatively or positively. The polarity is more influential on the mind than the subject itself, in my humble estimation.

Let’s examine this more closely. We all know someone who is always sick. When you speak with this person, you notice their entire subject matter revolves around their illness. They tell you the latest diagnosis, treatment,hopes and fears, new drugs, side effects, treatment and surgery schedule, and on and on. Time will pass and that person won’t get well. Why? Because they are unconsciously creating the illness with their thought energy. This creates stasis and an inertia that makes it very hard to move past the illness.

By the same token, we also know successful people who are immersed in achievement and goal setting. Every time you see them, they tell you about some new development they are working on and how excited they are by it. Notice the forward motion of their positive thought.

Both of these patterns are thought energy. But one creates achievement while the other creates illness. Having said that, let’s examine the contents of each thought pattern. Isn’t the topic of illness fear- based while achievement is steeped in hopeful expansion and joy?

Fear is restrictive just by its very nature. I never had a fearful thought that didn’t cause my insides to clinch with anxiety. The same is true of the hopefulness that spreads within my heart when I think of the possibilities of advancement and growth.

We feel both in our bodies, don’t we? So, isn’t it logical to assume the same affect of those fearful thoughts is magnified with repetition that leads to illness after a period of time? Doesn’t everything on this planet expand with repetition? Of course. That’s how we get ulcers from worry, heart attacks from stress, and strokes from high blood pressure.

The key to remember is simple. Much of this is controllable by conscious redirecting of our thoughts. To give no manifestation power to negativity, simply control your mind. Give it no thought energy with which to manifest itself into being with.

It’s important to be gentle and turn away with ease and kindness in your heart when you find yourself ruminating. Otherwise, it just becomes more negative thought.

Better yet, turn your thoughts to your dreams. Do this enough, and you will reverse any illness that you were unconsciously manifesting. Of course, that same magnetic quality will kick in and begin to bring you life enhancing ideas to help. Act on them. And you’ll also have the wonderful side effect of prosperity, joy and achievement as a Lovely bonus. Could there be anything more wonderful than that? I think not.

© Copywrite 2019, The Conscious Clairvoyant

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