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Energetic Blockages That Cause Sluggish Manifestation

Photo Credit: Fabian Reitmeier

There are seven layers to the human energy field, also called the aura. However, these layers aren’t side by side, they all overlap each other.

The layers are directly connected to our chakras. Our chakras are our energy processors, for lack of a better term. Imagine a small fan that processes energy, spinning and circulating energy in much the same way a fan would distribute air.

There are three types of energy that we encounter. Absorbent energy is taken in from our environment. Data energy taps into the ether and contains information about both our pasts and our futures, both present and current incarnations. Life force energy is what enlivens us and keeps us breathing. This energy is provided by a connection to Source energy. (Some have found a way to tap into Sources other than God but that is something I would like to expand on further in a separate post. )

What causes the debris, you ask? Trauma, stress, and pain can all cause blockages. Inertia can also cause sluggish energy processing. So, it goes something like this. You suffer a trauma. You experience emotional pain and mental anguish because of it.

How we process what happens in our lives will determine whether the energy is held primarily in our emotional energy body or our mental energy body. For example, do we play the trauma over and over again in our minds reliving it? Or do we have the feeling of it happening to us again and again? For most people, this is a combination of both types of re-experiencing.

Repetition of both thought and emotion creates what I like to call energetic resonance. What this means is that the more we experience the situation, either in real life, or a replay in our minds and hearts, the more weight it gathers in our mental and emotional energy bodies.

Not only that, but we live in a magnetic world. Like attracts like. So rumination causes more repetition and expansion within us. For example, reliving trauma will cause more trauma thoughts to be drawn to us, whereby we begin to fear all the different ways the traumatic event could occur again, for example.

Our chakras and energy fields require maintenance. Our chakras get clogged with debris, both emotional and mental. And this debris becomes lodged in our energy field.

Trying to manifest dreams in a polluted energy field can be like trying to grow daffodils in a garbage dump. It can be done, but it is difficult. What I notice is that clients with energetic blockages find reasons to stand in their own way with procrastination, excuses, etc. The ego, that small voice inside that misdirects us and does its best to keep us small, plays havoc with them, and they don’t know why.

When we go to an energy healer and get realigned, it is very important to choose not to relive, ruminate, etc. The task is to not inadvertently recreate the energetic resonance within the energy bodies through habit. Habit is pervasive but knowledge is power.

It is important to know that God gave us all free will. Within my work as an Akashic Records reader, a very big part of my job is to not only ascertain my clients’ specific energy blockages but to also help them heal and move forward. Utilizing further hands on energy work allows me to realign the client completely on my end. I then give my clients a ritualistic prayer regime to follow that seeds the subconscious with the new healed state. In having them join me as an active participant, I am asking for them to align their free will with healing. No one can heal anyone without their heartfelt desire and engagement. To assume this can be done is to give personal power away to someone else. Healing is definitely a partnership between healer and client.

I absolutely Love my work. For twenty years, I have prayed to become a humble beacon of Light in the darkness, an instrument of God. I am only one of many being called to heal and help and I am honored to join the ranks of heart led healers who simply want a better world for us all to live in.

My task at this point is to continue to learn, grow and apply my knowledge and skill set. And I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to do so.

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