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Predestination, Divine Providence and Free Will

Pondering predestination, Divine providence and free will means to me the following:

*Everything is planned out by the Soul and God before incarnation in order to advance our spiritual evolution.

*Divine Providence is activated at all times, both in the good and the bad. When we know this, we seek to answer the question: “What did I come to this situation to learn?”. With this viewpoint in mind, everything that happens, both good and bad, is a road sign directing us in the right direction. Bad situations can right our course. And good situations and synchronicity are indicative of being firmly on our path.

*Free Will is a gift from God given to us to allow us to make changes as needed. It can be a double edged sword when we are being obstinate in making choices that aren’t in our best interest. But even then, the lessons, and the relief inherent in learning them are evidence of a benevolent Great Creator. At all times, we are given the opportunity to right our course, to learn from our mistakes, and to become better than we were the day before. For me, there is clearly great evidence of God’s Love for us in the fact that this is true.

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