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Free Will As It Applies To Choice And Consequence

Written By: Deana DeHaven

We live in a world of infinite possibility. This world of an incalculable number of options is made available to us because we have been given Free Will. Not even God violates our Free Will. It is Divine Law that each be given the choice to choose. And not only that, but to choose again and again without fail.

Free Will is governed by the Divine Law of Choice and Consequence. We choose and we reap the results of that choice. The same choices will result in the same corresponding results over and over again.

This repetition is actually a gift from God given to us in order to advance and ascend. We notice the pattern of our choosing and dependent upon whether the result is painful or pleasing, we consciously decide next time to choose either the same pleasant outcome or we choose differently in order to avoid the torment of misery.

The fact that the Divine Law of Choice and Consequence is reliable allows us all the opportunity for growth we could ever need. We are no victims, this human race. In fact, victimization is an illusion used to keep us small and struggling, trapped within the grip of fear and disempowerment.

When I say victimization is an illusion, I don’t mean to imply that bad things don’t happen to each of us. This world is full of horrific outcomes perpetuated daily. To have compassion for the recipients of these monstrosities is to be sanely human and kind. Our very humanity resides within our ability to care for others as well as ourselves. The very best parts of us are illuminated when we choose to Love.

However, each has the ability to change things by choosing differently. This doesn’t mean the choice will be easy. Inertia has a solid density of its own and time adds weight to the force of our choices. But knowing this allows us to acknowledge and propel ourselves into motion and into the realm of possibility, conquering our demons along the way.

Within this choosing resides Divine Providence. Asking and affirming allows us to state what our Free Will is. And once we have done so, the Heavens will open to assist us. For example, angels have been recorded all throughout history. They were created to assist humans. The Holy Spirit was created to illuminate our minds and help us choose wisely. When we choose, and state that choice with conviction, we utilize the Law of Free Will to our advantage.

The Universe has been set up for us to succeed. And God wants us to have every good thing. Think about this a moment. We were given Free Will. Doesn’t this mean that we can use it as much as needed? Of course. Ponder the magnitude of this actual truth of our Universe. It was made for us to use in order to attain all our dreams, to grow and evolve in the process. So, choose to ascend to the Heavens, wrapped in everything Holy. It is our God given right to ascend into the Light. In fact, it is why we are here, inhabiting this place of choice and consequence.

© Copywrite 2019, The Conscious Clairvoyant

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