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The Power of the Heart

Written by: Deana DeHaven, February 3rd, 2019.

The heart is 100 times electrically stronger than the brain. The heart is 5000 times magnetically stronger than the brain.

Those are reasons to infuse our lives with heart led endeavor if ever I saw any.

In other words, harnessing the power of the heart is extremely powerful in manifesting our dreams.

So, how do we do that? I like to infuse myself with Love. Pets are wonderful for this. Remember, you are giving Love, not seeking to get.

And then I meditate on my dreams, utilizing bridge of Light meditation. Light is the physical embodiment of Love on this planet.

After all, we live in an energetic world and God wants us to have every good thing, especially our dreams.

If we stop for a moment and think about the things that matter most to us, it is apparent that the heart is at the center of things.

In just this way, the heart is also the first organ to be formed within the human body in the womb. It is formed in the very center of the cells.

The symmetry of the Universe is beautiful in its Divine Order.

© Copywrite 2019, The Conscious Clairvoyant

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