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Manifesting, Positive Thought and the Buffer of Time

It’s said within Law of Attraction circles that it can take up to 7 years for the average person to manifest a specific outcome. Of course, the larger the result, the longer it can take to come about in our physical reality. Most often, there is a direct correlation between time and size. But with practice, the buffer of time is minimized and the results continue to get larger as our skill set expands.

It is possible to manifest smaller results almost instantaneously with some practice, especially things like parking spaces. Try it. It is great fun. And it is empowering to see your ability to create what you want applied as you watch the results pop into the physical realm.

Regarding larger items, know that it is possible to master manifestation to a constant, consistent degree. Mastery to this degree is rare but it is feasible and logical that as we learn conscious manifestation and become more and more adept with application, we improve.

The truth is we are all conduits of energy and we manifest as a matter of course daily. The key is to begin to apply wisdom to our natural abilities and consciously manifest the results we want, instead of randomly creating without deeper thought.

Either way, we are creating. It only makes sense to embrace our true nature as conscious creators in order to manifest our dreams. This is what is meant by the scripture “made in His image”, by the way. It refers to our creative abilities as children of the Great Creator.

The average person doesn’t have the ability to manifest large outcomes consistently because they don’t practice. For most people, the buffer of time is a gift, created to protect us from instant manifestation of our negative ruminations. Can you imagine the havoc of instant manifestation of every random thought that enters our heads?

Manifesting can be broken down into several components. Thought creates the energetic form. The idea begins to take on a life of its own within our heads. Frequency of thought creates resonance and weight. And emotion is the manifesting fuel. These three together bring form into being. Actions occurs as a result of the germination and growth of the idea within the mental and emotional realms. When we think of it often enough with emotion, we are compelled to do something about it. Add belief to the mix and magic occurs.

Every invention and outcome on this planet begins with a thought. An idea is generated and focused on with desire and intention repeatedly for a period of time. Desire keeps the inventor working on it and nurtures it along. Within our attractive world, one thought brings another like minded thought. Revisions and improvements occur as a result of this process.

The stronger the emotion, the more energetic power is poured into the result. This emotion keeps it front and center within our mental processes. As more thought is given to something, the more form it takes. At first, this form is within the ether. But rest assured, think about and focus on any outcome with emotion often enough and you’ll also begin to apply action to it. Eventually, it will come into being within the physical realm.

For this reason, mastering positive thought is a prerequisite to conscious manifestation. Our process begins by asking ourselves what we truly want and then focusing our thought energy coupled with our desire on that exclusively.

Maintaining a positive frame of mind is not just a catch phrase. Positive thought is a valuable tool of discernment that keeps negative outcomes out of our existence.

Stop for a moment and assess how people close to you are doing within their lives. Now, correlate their topics of conversation to the aspects of their existence and it becomes obvious that we all are the creators of our experience.

Now apply this assessment to your own existence. You’ll see the parallels as clear as day. Conscious choosing of our thoughts leads to a better existence. It is just that simple.

Know that thinking positively is a habit, and it takes a little time to make it a part of our lives. But if you apply yourself with these components of thought, emotion, repetition and belief, it’ll begin to live within your heart and mind. It will come to be part of your inner world. And that inner world will begin to express itself in your outer world.

One of the lovely things about this process is that Divine Synchronicity will begin to occur. You’ll begin to meet people with the resources to help your idea bloom. Answers to technical issues will float into your awareness. This can seem magical when it begins to occur. It is enchanting and you’re left feeling blessed and a bit fascinated when it happens.

The truth is this Divine Synchronicity is a logical result of applied thought and emotion. We just don’t practice enough to make it our way of life. We all know people who seem to live charmed lives, who attain all their dreams and maintain them throughout life. When interviewed they simply say they knew it was going to occur, and they applied themselves to bring it into being. Bingo! Stop for a moment and imagine each of us living our dreams on a charmed planet. Know it is completely within our abilities to achieve. Not only that, but we were built for this very thing!

Two questions I like to use to discern the underlying creative gist of my thinking are: 1) What did I come to this situation to learn? 2) Does this thinking or action serve myself and others? The first question allows me to get the lesson inherent in the situation so that I don’t have to repeat it again. If I don’t come up with a positive answer to the second question, it is time to reassess my thinking and choose better thoughts, which create better outcomes.

As we ponder these things and address and refine our thoughts and emotions, we can rest assured that the buffer of time is given to us to create an opportunity for reversal of negative outcomes.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t ever have to do a reversal in direction. We’d just know and act upon the right course of action. But most of us aren’t there yet in all areas of our lives. Isn’t it nice to know that due to the buffer of time we have the leeway to fix things in the meantime? I like to think so. It gives us the opportunity to reassess and correct course as needed, refocusing on the good stuff. Then we get to manifest our dreams.

© Copywrite 2019, The Conscious Clairvoyant


  1. Kevin Shirley Kevin Shirley

    I like the premise of the article. I believe we wind up with the thoughts we speak into the universe positive or negative thus producing either result based on our internal aspect. When I approach a situation without positive thought, the results can be quite negative. This article is extremely enlightening and succinct.

    • Deana DeHaven Deana DeHaven

      Thank you for the compliments, Kevin. You are a treasure!<3

  2. Natalie Barnes Natalie Barnes

    It is very interesting and thought provoking. Will take some time to sink in. Thanks. 🤔👍

    • Deana DeHaven Deana DeHaven

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Natalie. I appreciate you! <3

  3. Ashley Cherok Ashley Cherok

    There is so much truth to this, we really do get what we focus in on. If we constantly put out negative thoughts, we receive negative outcomes. You really brought this to light by asking the reader to look at the different people in their lives and take a look at how their attitude has shaped the life they lead. When I look at those who seems to always be miserable and negative, their life and circumstances follow suit. Those who focus on positivity and being grateful in turn have so much more to be grateful for.

    I also really love the concept of the buffer of time and how it helps us to turn our spur of the moment negative thoughts and anger around so we don’t manifest further negativity. It’s definitely an interesting concept, as we know how easy it is to get angry and frustrated. How awful would the world be if we didn’t have the buffer of time to let our anger cool down before we manifested these terrible thoughts? There’s a lot to be said for giving yourself time to cool off before taking action in a situation, and I love how you drew that concept back to manifestation, as I had never thought about it in terms of energetic thoughts, only in terms of physical reactions.

    • Deana DeHaven Deana DeHaven

      Ashley, You are so insightful and a real blessing! Thank you so much for your additional food for thought. <3

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