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Author: Deana DeHaven

Energetic Blockages That Cause Sluggish Manifestation

There are seven layers to the human energy field, also called the aura. However, these layers aren’t side by side, they all overlap each other. The layers are directly connected to our chakras. Our chakras are our energy processors, for lack of a better term. Imagine a small fan that processes energy, spinning…

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Ritual Versus Religion

As I began to write my book, Holy Magic, I knew intuitively that my work would be refined by the intellectual, emotional and energetic resonance found in personally applying my knowledge. In other words, I could write about something all day long, but until I began to practice my knowledge through ritual, it…

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Embody to Become

Forget organized religion, used by man since the beginning of time to enslave the masses. Simply choose to embody goodness, both in thought and deed, to gather yourself close to God. As we seek to embody, we become. Whatever we choose is what we will be. The inherent goodness that resides within the…

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The Power of the Heart

Written by: Deana DeHaven, February 3rd, 2019. The heart is 100 times electrically stronger than the brain. The heart is 5000 times magnetically stronger than the brain. Those are reasons to infuse our lives with heart led endeavor if ever I saw any. In other words, harnessing the power of the heart is…

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